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The Brothers of Christian Instruction (also known as the de la Mennais Brothers and the Institutum Fratrum Instructionis Christianae de Plöermel, FICP) is a teaching order of Brothers. Founded in France in 1819 by Gabriele Deshayes and Jean-Marie de la Mennais, FIC now has communities in 25 countries throughout the world.

Our North American Province, in the USA includes the Notre Dame Chapel located in Alfred, Maine and Walsh University, located in North Canton, Ohio.

As a teaching order, our mission remains the same as that of our Founders:

To make Jesus Christ better known and better loved, through Education and Instruction

In keeping with our original mission to educate children in primary and secondary school, Brothers have also been instrumental in the founding and operation of Walsh University and in vocational schools around the world. Our educational outreach includes areas of unmet need, working with the poor, and helping to keep children in school. In Maine, we also host the York County Shelter programs and do outreach work with the York County Jail.

Join Us in Prayer

Notre Dame Chapel, Alfred, ME

Notre Dame Chapel, Alfred, ME

All are invited to join the Brothers in daily Prayers and weekend Mass and Most Holy Rosary at the Notre Dame Chapel on Shaker Hill in Alfred.

Daily Prayers 7:00 and Mass: 7:35 AM
Thursday: Eucharistic Adoration from after the 7:35 AM Mass until 5:00 PM Vespers
Saturday Mass: 7:30 AM
Saturday Rosary: 8:00 AM
Sunday Mass: 9:00 AM